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Luniholidays The magnificent castle forms the entrance to the old town  
Aproaching Fosdinovo from Sarzana. - Fosdinovo - LuniHolidays


Fosdinovo is a lovely small town set high in the hills just inland from Sarzana and the sea. Dominated by its restored 14th century Malaspina castle, the town is built around the castle and the sunny west-facing escarpment from which there are wonderful views to the sea and the island of Elba beyond. Until the thirteenth century, the village was ruled by the Erberia family and the Bishops of Luni, until the Malaspinas gained control in 1340. For many centuries, the castle represented the political and military centre of the Malaspina family until as recently as the early 19th century. In 1861 Fosdinovo was incorporated into the province of Massa Carrara.

The earliest part of the castle dates from the middle of the fourteenth century when it was built on the orders of Spinetta Malaspina who had understood the importance of its strategic, political, and military position. From the fortress it was possible to control Tuscany, Liguria, and Emilia Romagna. Subsequently the castle was enlarged and transformed to a Baroque style with the adding of the theatre and court chapel.

The fortress of Fosdinovo has been perfectly maintained and is open to visitors. The castle also hosts concerts and exhibitions and it also houses a school of trekking. During your trip to Fosdinovo also include a visit to the Church of Saint Remigio. The church houses the important marble funeral monument of Galeotto Malaspina, which, dates back to the fourteenth century.

Next to the church, you can find the Oratorio dei Bianchi (Oratory of the Whites) that was destroyed at the beginning of the sixteenth century and rebuilt during the seventeenth century. The building has a bright fašade in white marble and houses a few prestigious works, such as the thirteenth-century wooden statue representing Our Holy Lady, a nineteenth-century wooden sculpture that represents the dead Jesus, and a nineteenth-century canvas of the Madonna and Child.

More recently the famous English travel writer Eric Newby and his wife Wanda had a house close by; detailed in his book "A small place in Italy"

There are also one or two nice bars and restaurants in the town which is also a very good base for a days walking in the area.

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