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Site Map
Map of northern Italy - Italy - LuniHolidays

Information about Italy.

In this section we aim to give you some general information which we hope you will find useful when visiting this beautiful country. At other points of the site we have information about specific places, activities, food and wine and a host of other information to help you to get the very best from your holiday home in Italy.

Airports and airlines.

Italy has over thirty domestic and international airports servicing airlines from around the world. For detailed information about routes and timetables please contact the individual airports of departure/arrival or visit the websites of the individual airlines given below. For more details on the five arrival airports close to Lunigiana and Liguria as well as a guide to "no frills" carriers from the UK see our Air Travel Guide.


  • Rome. Aeroporto Roma-Ciampino. Tel: 06659 54455
  • Rome. Aeroporto Civile L. da Vinci Roma- Fiumicino. Tel: 06659 51
  • Alghero. Aeroporto Civile Alghero-Fertilia. Tel: 07993 5030
  • Ancona. Aeroporto Ancona-Falconara. Tel: 07128 271
  • Bari. Aeroporto Civile Bari-Palese. Tel: 08058 35204
  • Bergamo. Aeroporto Civile Bergamo -Orio al Serio. Tel: 03532 6111
  • Bologna Aeroporto Civile Bologna-Borgo Panigale. Tel: 05164 79615
  • Brindisi. Aeroporto Brindisi-Casale. Tel: 08314 12141
  • Cagliari. Aeroporto Civile Cagliari-Elmas. Tel: 0702 1051
  • Catania. Aeroporto Civile Catania-Fontanarossa. Tel: 09573 06266
  • Florence. Aeroporto Civile Firenze-Peretola. Tel: 05531 5874
  • Florence. Aeroporto International A. Vespucci. Tel: 05537 3498
  • Genoa. Aeroporto Civile Genova-Sestri. Tel:01060 151
  • Lamezia Terme. Aeroporto Civile Lamezia Terme. Tel: 09684 14111
  • Lampedusa. Aeroporto di Lampedusa. Tel: 09229 70006
  • Milan. Aeroporto Intercont. Malpensa-Varese. Tel:02748 52200
  • Milan. Aeroporto Civile International Milano-Linate. Tel: 02748 52200
  • Naples. Aeroporto Civile Napoli-Capodichino. Tel: 08178 96259
  • Olbia. Aeroporto Civile Olbia. Tel 07895 2634
  • Palermo. Aeroporto Civile Palermo-Punta Raisi. Tel: 09159 1692
  • Pantelleria. Aeroporto Pantelleria. Tel: 09239 11172
  • Parma. Aeroporto Parma. Tel: 05219 82626
  • Perugia. Aeroporto Perugia-S.Egidio Tel: 07569 29447
  • Pescara. Aeroporto d'Abruzzo Tel: 08543 24200
  • Pisa. Aeroporto Civile Galileo Galilei Pisa-San Giusto Tel: 05050 0707
  • Rimini. Aeroporto Rimini-Miramare Tel: 05416 88177
  • Reggio di Calabria. Aeroporto Civile Reggio di calabria. Tel: 09656 43291
  • Trapani.Aerporto Trapani-Birgi. Tel: 09238 41130
  • Treviso.Aeroporto Treviso-S.Giuseppe. Tel: 04223 15123
  • Trieste.Aeroporto Civille Trieste-Ronchi dei Legionari. Tel: 04817 73225
  • Turin.Aeroporto Civile Torino-Caselle. Tel: 01156 76361
  • Venice.Aeroporto Civile Venezia-Tessera-Marco Polo. Tel: 04126 09260
  • Verona.Aeroporto Civile Verona-Villafranca. Tel: 04580 95666

Major airlines.

Airlines are listed in alphabetical order with their Italian telephone numbers and appropriate websites.

  • Aeroflot.Reservations, Tel: 06429 04926
  • Alitalia.Reservations and information. Domestic flights Tel: 14786 5641. international flights Tel: 14786 5644. Web: www.alitalia.it
  • Air France.Reservations and Information. Tel: 14788 4466 Web: www.airfrance.fr
  • Air One.Reservations and Information. Tel: 14784 8880 & 06488800 Web: www.flyairone.it
  • American Airlines. Reservations and Information. Tel: 06427 41240 Web: www.im.aa.com
  • British Airways. Reservations and Information. Tel: 14781 2266 Web: www.british.airways.it
  • Canadian. Reservations and Information. Tel:8008 62216 Web: www.cdnair.ca
  • Cathay Pacific Reservations and Information. Tel:02720 21709
  • Continental Airlines Reservations and Information. Tel:02696 33256 Web: www.distal.it
  • Delta Airlines Reservations and Information. Tel:8008 64114
  • Finnair Information. Tel:14705 4747 Web: www.finland.it.turismo
  • Iberia. Reservations and Information. Tel: 1478 70000 Web: www.iberia.com
  • Japan Airlines. Reservations and Information. Tel:027200 4680
  • KLM Reservations and Information. free call 800877318
  • Lufthansa. Reservations and Information. Tel:06656 84004 Web: www.lufthansa.it
  • Meridiana. Reservations and Information. Tel: 0647 8041
  • Sabena. Reservations and Information. Tel: 14780 1616
  • SAS. Reservations and Information. Tel: 06650 10771
  • Swissair. Reservations and Information. Tel: 1478 49570 Web: www.swissair.it
  • TWA. Reservations and Information. Tel: 8008 41843
  • U nited Airlines. Reservations and Information. Tel: 02748 52200 Web: www.ual.it

Animals - Certificates required by customs.

Dogs and cats.

Entry is permitted if the animals are accompanied by a certificate of of origin and health issued by a foreign public health authority recognised in Italy and bearing all the identification particulars of the animals and their owners. The certificate must state that the animals are healthy and have received rabies vaccination at least 20 days and not more than 11 months from the date of the certificate.

Other animals.

Birds, fish, frogs and tortoises may enter if accompanied by a certificate of origin issued by the authorities in the country of origin stating that the animal has been subjected to a health examination and is immune from infectious diseases.

Protected species

A CITES certificate must be produced, in accordance with the Washington convention, for the entry of protected species.

Customs formalities and documents.

Visitors to Italy are required to have the following documents;

Identity card issued by the commune of residence for citizens of the EU, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta and Turkey.

Valid passport and entry visa for non-EU citizens. Note: a driving license is not considered to be an identity document.

Cars, motorcycles and trailers. Log book and international insurance.


The Italian Republic maintains normal diplomatic relations with all the countries in the world, and the diplomatic missions of nearly all of the European and non-European nations are to be found in Rome. Some smaller countries delegate larger powers to represent their economic and political interests. There are also foreign consular missions in the major Italian cities. The following is a list of the major embassies starting with the member countries of the European Union.

Austria. Via Pergolesi, 3-Roma Tel: 0684 40141 Belgium.Via Monti Parioli, 49-Roma Tel: 06360 9511 Denmark.Via Monti Parioli, 50-Roma Tel: 06360 9511
Finland.Via Lisbona, 3-Roma Tel: 0685 2231 France.Piazza Farnese, 67-Roma Tel: 0668 6011 Germany.Via Po, 25/c-Roma Tel: 0649 2131
Great Britain.Via XX Septemre, 80/a Roma Tel:06482 5441 Greece.Via Mercadante, 36 Roma Tel: 06322 1141 Eire.Largo Nazareno, 3-Roma Tel: 06697 9121
Luxembourg.Via Ardeatina, 134 Roma Tel: 06772 01177 Netherlands.Via Mercati, 8-Roma Tel: 06322 1141 Portugal.Via Pezzana, 9-Roma Tel: 06841 7277
Spain.Via Garibaldi, 35-Roma Tel: 06687 8172 Sweden.Piazza Rio de Janiero, 3-Roma Tel: 0644 1941 Embassies of other major countries.
Argentina.Piazza dell'Esquilino, 2-Roma Tel: 06474 2551 Australia.Via Alessandria, 215-Roma Tel: 06852 721 Brazil.Piazza Navona, 14-Roma Tel: 0668 3981
Bulgaria.Via Rubens, 21-Roma Tel: 06322 4643 Canada.Via G.B. de Rossi, 27-Roma Tel: 06445 981 Czech Republic.Via Colli Famesina, 144-Roma Tel: 06323 3620
Hungary.Via Villini, 12/16-Roma Tel: 06440 2032 Iceland.Via Flaminia, 441-roma Tel: 06323 1840 India.Via XX Septembre, 5-Roma Tel: 06488 4642
Japan.Via Sella, 60-Roma Tel: 06487 991 Norway.Via Terme Deciane, 79-Roma Tel: 06571 7031 Poland.Via Rubens, 20-Roma Tel: 06686 4619
Rssian Federation.Via Gaeta, 5-Roma Tel: 06494 1681 Switzerland.Via Oriani, 61-Roma Tel: 0680 9571 USA.Via Vittorio Veneto, 119/a-Roma Tel: 0646 741

Emergency numbers

In Italy emergency calls can be made from all public and private telephones free of charge and at all times.

  • General Public Emergency 113
  • Police (Carabinieri) 112
  • Fire Brigade 115
  • Medical Emergency 118
  • Car breakdown (Automobile Club d'Italia) 116
  • Sea Rescue 1530
  • Forest Guard 1515

To call an ambulance from a mobile phone 167 510 869

Health and visitors with disbilities


The Italian health service is recognised as being the second best in the world, only France being judged better. Citizens of European Union states qualify for comprehensive health care on condition that they have a valid identification document. They should also have an E111 form (not compulsory). Citizens of non-European Union states that have agreements with Italy can obtain temporary health care; those from states with no agreement with Italy must take out private insurance.

Visitors with disabilities.

There are facilities for the care and assistance of the disabled all over Italy. Organised on a regional basis there are many specially equipped organisations, both public and private that offer care and assistance.

For a detailed list contact the tourist information office in the region you intend to visit or visit the website of the Ministry of Health at www.sanita.it

Postal services and telephones

Postal services

The following services are available at post offices:

  • payment of bills
  • recorded letters
  • telegrams, telexes and faxes
  • foreign exchange

Stamps can be bought from post offices and tobacconists

Post boxes vary in colour depending on the service provided;

red post boxes are for ordinary internal mail

red and blue post boxes are for priority mail, and

blue post boxes are for international mail.


Calls to and from Italy

To make international calls from Italy dial the international code of the country you are calling followed by the area code (if any) and the telephone number. To call Italy from abroad dial 0039 followed by the area code including the initial zero, and the telephone number. For mobile phones dial 0039 followed by the telephone number minus the inital zero.

Public telephones

Public telephones are available in many places such as bars and restaurants in addition to public phone booths and may take coins, credit cards or telephone cards. Cards can be bought from news stands, tobacconists, bars etc. You must break off the corner of the card or it will not work. Calls to emergency numbers are free.

Mobile phones

The GSM system covers all of Italy and call charges depend on the international roaming agreement between your national contractor and their Italian counerpart. Visitors from the United States should check that their phone is compatible with European frequencies.

Operator services.

  • The 170 service allows you to book and make an international call (reversed charge included) with the assistance of an English-speaking operator.
  • The 176 service provides, in Italian and English, information on foreign directory numbers and international dialling codes.
  • The 1795 service offers on-line translations and reverse charge calls.

Public holidays

The following are public holidays in Italy:

  • 1st January New Year's Day
  • 6th January Epiphany
  • Easter Easter Monday
  • 25th April Liberation Day
  • 1st May Labour Day
  • 15th August "Ferragosto" Feast of the Assumption
  • 1st November All Saints
  • 8th December Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • 25/26 December Christmas

Opening times and Shopping

Opening times.


Although there is no national rule, transactions can normally be made between 8:30am and 1:00/1:30pm and between 2:30/3:00 and 4:00/5:00pm Monday to Friday. In larger towns some counters may be open on Saturday morning.

Post offices.

Post offices open either part-time or full-time. Opening hours are:

  • part-time: Monday-Friday 8am to 2pm. Saturday 9:30am to 1:00pm
  • full-time: Monday-Friday 8am to 7pm. Saturday 9:30am to 1:00pm


National museums should close for one day per week but they often stay open every day from 9:00am to 5:00pm especially in the high season. In summer this is sometimes extended to 11:00pm.


Shops are normally open from 9:30 to 7:30/8:00pm with a about a 3 hour break for lunch. In the north this is usually from 12:30 to 3:30 and from 2:00 to 5:00 in the south, especially in summer. However more and more shops are staying open through the lunch "hour" especially those in the large city centres and main summer resorts.


In the north restaurants are normally open from 12:00pm to 3:00pm and from 7:00pm until almost midnight. In the south opening and closing times tend to be a little later. Most restaurants close for one or two days per week. Closing days are decided by the restaurant owner and vary widely.

Petrol stations.

In towns stations are open from 8:00am to 1:00pm and from 2:30pm to 7:30pm. Many stations now offer automated self-service 24 hours per day and accept both cash and credit cards. On motorways service stations are open 24 hours per day.


VAT (Value added tax) is charged on purchases at the following rates: 20% on services, drinks, clothing etc, 10% on mineral water, medicines etc, and 4% on the staples such as bread and milk. Visitors from countries which are not members of the European Union can enjoy tax-free shopping at shops displaying the "tax-free shopping" sign.


Italy is in the as Central Europe time zone which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Summer time (Central European Time + 1 hour) is in force from the end of March to the end of October as is the case in almost all European countries.

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