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Nativity scene - Christmas in Italy - Special Events - LuniHolidays

Festivals and Special Events

As well as stunning scenery, sunshine, good food and warm hospitality there are a couple of times in the year when Lunigiana is particularly worth visiting.

Christmas in Italy is of course a special time and nowhere more so than in Lunigiana. Many of the old traditions survive and in some towns and villages such as Equi Terme local people still take part in Nativity plays.

Late August and early September see Fivizzano holding its International Music Festival followed by Tango World.

Fivizzano International Music Festival attracts over 3,000 performers from more than 60 countries around the world. Competitions and performances range from folk dance to modern jazz and just about everything in between - a wonderful celebration of the performing arts

Tango World is another celebration, this time of that most passionate and evocative of dances - the Tango. Not only can you see the world's greatest tango dancers in action you can attend classes and learn to tango yourself. How can you refuse?

Throughout the year there are many,many local events so whatever time of year you visit you need never be bored in Lunigiana.

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