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Holiday guide to Lunigiana and northern Italy with Luni Holidays.  The magnificent Doumo, Florence. - Holiday Guide to Lunigiana, Tuscany, Italy - LuniHolidays

In this section we hope to inspire you to visit this wonderful region in northern Tuscany and to give you all the information you need to get the very best from your holiday.


Lunigiana lies between the coastal province of Liguria to the west and the Apennine mountains to the north-east. To the south-east the region is dominated by the peaks of the Parco Alpi Apuane beyond which are the Renaissance Cities of Florence, Pisa and Lucca. Lunigiana is a veritable paradise for walkers, painters, photographers, and those who simply enjoy the pleasures of life. [Guide to Lunigiana]


As a base for sightseeing in Italy, Lunigiana cannot be bettered. Not only are the "must see" cities of Florence and Pisa within easy day-trip distance to the south, the famous five fishing villages of the Cinque Terre lie close by on the coast. Elegant La Spezia and the attractive little seaside town of Lerici on the Gulf of Poets are within a short drive or train ride. [Sightseeing Guide]

Things to do

Italy, and in particular Lunigiana offer a huge variety of things to do during your holiday. Because of its varied landscape, ranging from the high peaks of the Apennines to wide Taverone and Aullela river valleys, the region offers a tremendous range of activities in addition to the well-known sightseeing trips.

Walking, biking or horse riding in the hills, swimming in pool, sea or river, skiing in winter and scenic drives are all here. [Activity guide]

Special events

There are many, many special events held in Italy throughout the year and this region is no exception. From internationally famous events such as the Palio at Siena to the humble village sagra (feast) there are literally hundreds to choose from. Many traditional events involve the participants dressing in medieval costume. Visitors are welcomed at all of them.

Late August and early September see Fivizzano holding its International Music Festival followed by Tango World. December offers the traveler the opportunity to experience some of the traditions of Christmas in Italy. [Special Event Guide]

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