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Getting There

Lunigiana is easily accessed by road, rail, or air. Five airports at Pisa, Genoa and Parma (Milan) serve the area and all are within easy driving distance of Aulla on good motorways. The main motorways run along the Mediterranean and Adriatic coasts with connecting motorways between the two.

From France the Mediterranean coast motorway runs through Genoa and on down the coast to La Spezia, Pisa, and Rome. Aulla, the gateway to Lunigiana, lies just off the motorway that connects La Spezia with Parma and the Adriatic coast motorway, which runs north-west to Milan, Switzerland and Germany.

Rail routes follow a very similar pattern.

Getting around in Lunigiana is quite easy with good road and rail connections as well as bus services between the major towns and cities.

Please remember that Lunigiana is a rural area so bus services tend to be infrequent and do not serve many of the smaller villages at all. Although a car is not essential only some of our villas are suitable for public transport - see our Bus Travel guide for information, however we would recommend using a car. Cars are available for collection at the airports and can be pre-booked with your air ticket.

For more information about travel to and in Italy, visit these pages:

Travelling to Italy by Air - Lunigiana and Liguria are served by five airports, Pisa to the south, Parma (Milan) to the north has three airports, and Genoa in the north-west. Our guide includes information about UK airports serving Pisa, Milan and Genoa, details of the facilities at the Italian airports plus a guide to Cheap Flight search engines. [more ...]

Road Travel - Lunigiana is easily accessed by road, the main motorways run along the Mediterranean and Adriatic coasts with connecting motorways between the two. From France the motorway follows the Mediterranean coast and runs through Genoa and on down the coast to La Spezia, Pisa, and Rome. This coastal route has good connections to Turin, Milan, and the motorways into northern and eastern Europe. [more ...]

Rail Travel - Getting around by train in Italy is convenient and relatively cheap and should be seriously considered as an alternative to the car, especially when visiting the major cities. The main line which connects Parma to the coast line passes through Aulla making the town a very convenient access point for trains to La Spezia, and Genoa to the north, and Massa, Viareggio, the tuscan Riviera and Pisa to the south. Connecting trains run from Pisa to Florence. [more ...]

Bus Travel - Most of the major villages have some bus service though it may not be very frequent. Bus timetables are displayed at the bus stations in the major towns such as Aulla and Fivizzano, otherwise the local tabacchi or bar from where you buy your ticket, should have a timetable. Depending on the property you are staying at it is possible, but not easy, to enjoy the delights of Lunigiana without a car, and we have given some information about the most relevant bus routes. [more ...]

Boat Travel - Boat excursions are a relaxing way to see some of the beautiful and historic sights of Italy during your holiday. The Cinque Terre, The island of Elba, The Isle of Capri, Portofino, and Genoa are just some of the many places you can visit in Northern Italy on modestly priced day excursions by boat, using the services provided by the Consorzio Marittimo Turistico. [more ...]

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