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Getting around Lunigiana - a guide to Italian Buses.

Depending on the property you are staying at it is possible, but not easy, to enjoy the delights of Lunigiana without a car, and we have given some information about the most relevant bus routes below based on the latest timetable available to us. However timetables are changed twice a year and summer services are often less frequent than at other times of year so you should assure yourself that the services provided meet your requirements in terms both of route and frequency. Many of the services listed follow slightly different routes depending on the particular bus taken and you will often see the same village listed twice on the same timetable as the bus circles around. You will also find that some of the smaller villages - and there are many, do not appear on the timetable at all even though buses do stop there, so a map as well as the bus timetable is useful. Many of the services really are rural services and although they would be an aggravation to some they offer a wonderful opportunity to experience something of the "real" Italy with the local people - and they are cheap!

A full timetable listing can be found at CAT S.p.A

General notes.

Bus tickets must be bought at appointed bars (displaying CAT bus sign) before boarding a bus and punched in the machine at the entrance to the bus or if there is not an automatic puncher they must be presented to the driver. When buying your ticket state your destination and whether a single - SOLO ANDATA (one ticket) or return - ANDATA E RITORNO journey is required (2 tickets). Children up to 5 years old are free. Children over this age pay normal fare.

When using bus timetables you may find the following words useful:

  • Capolinea: literally "the head of the line" i.e. the main bus station.
  • Feriale:working days i.e. weekdays
  • Festivo: Sunday and (public) holidays
  • Lunedi: Monday
  • Martedi: Tuesday
  • Mercoledi: Wednesday
  • Giovedi: Thursday
  • Venerdi: Friday
  • Sabato: Saturday
  • Domenica: Sunday

Bus routes and times.

Most of the major villages have some bus service though they may not be very frequent. Bus timetables are displayed at the bus stations in the major towns such as Aulla and Fivizzano, otherwise the local tabacchi or bar from where you buy your ticket, should have a timetable. The following extracts are taken from the timetable for 1st September 2002 to 30th June 2003 to give an idea of the range of rural services and show the route in one direction only.

Linea 16.
Aulla Capolinea - Pontremoli stopping at Ragnaia, Terrarossa, Fornoli, Villafranca, Mocrone, Filattiera, Groppoli, Mulazzo, Arpiola,Castagnetoli, and Annunziata. The full trip takes about 35 minutes one way.
Linea 17.
Aulla Capolinea - Sarzana - Carrara - Massa. Intermediate stopping points vary depending on the bus taken. Total trip time is 1hour and 20 minutes one way.
Linea 18.
Aulla Capolinea - Stadano - Caprigiola - Albiano - Ceparana. About 20 minute's journey time. This is an infrequent rural service, check carefully and don't miss the bus.
Linea 20.
Bagnone - Gabbiana - Lusana - VillaPanicale - Pastina - Pieve . About 30 minute's journey time. This is an infrequent rural service, check carefully and don't miss the bus.
Linea 22.
Aulla Capolinea - Terrarossa - Villafranca - Filetto - Bagnone. Only one bus per weekday from Aulla (at 7:30am) plus another on Saturday at 15:55. From Bagnone there are two buses on weekdays and three on Saturday. 30/35 minutes journey time.
Linea 23.
Aulla Capolinea - Pallerone - Serricciolo - Rometta - Soliera - Cormezzano - Fivizzano Sassalbo - Passo del Cerreto. Only two buses per day each way but a useful service if you are staying in or near Aulla and fancy a days walking on the lovely Cerreto Pass. The 8:05am will get you to the pass by 9:15. Don't miss the last bus back at 15:20 to be back in Aulla at 16:35.
Linea 26.
Aulla Capolinea - Masero - Canalescuro - Pieve di Monti - Licciana Nardi - Tavernelle - Crespiano - Comano - Castello di Comano. This relatively frequent service makes it possible to stay at any of the following properties without a car;
  • Villa Adele at Pieve di Monti
  • Bella Casetta at Pieve di Monti
  • The Apartment at Licciana Nardi
  • Casa Giulia at Tavernelle
  • Vecchio Chioppo at Tavernelle
Also the 40 minute trip along the Taverone Valley up to the Lagastrello Pass makes a nice change from the car if you fancy a days walking. Do check carefully, not all buses stop at Crespiano and Comano.
Linea 32.
The route for this line is listed as Aulla - Cormezzano - Casola - Carpinelli, which sounds simple, but there are many versions on this basic route which pass through (among others) Pelleronne, Reusa, Codiponte, Casola, Pieve San Lorenzo, and many more. However, with care, this is useful for the railway station at Pieve if you are considering Il Giardino or Casa Verde.
Linea 38.
This is the Aulla - Ceserano - Fosdinovo line which passes through Tendola; handy (but rather limited)if you are interested in staying at Casa dal Colo. Fosdinovo is only 10 minutes but there are only two buses a day each way. Also see line 45.
Linea 45.
Line 45 also serves Tendola with buses going down to Sarzana but the only direct bus is early (about 6am) . Sarzana to Tendola is better with buses mid-afternoon (13:40) and early evening (18:15)

Please remember that timetables change so do check bus times and frequencies locally.

If you would like further information visit the CAT S.p.A website
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