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Italian motorway system - Road Travel - LuniHolidays

Getting there - by road.

Both the Lunigiana and Liguria are easily accessed by road from anywhere in Europe.

From the south of France the motorway follows the Mediterranean coast and runs through Genoa and on down the coast to La Spezia, Pisa, and Rome. This coastal route has good connections to Turin, Milan, and the motorways into northern and eastern Europe. From northern Europe, including the UK, the quickest route is through Switzerland to the "autostrada del sol" (If you wish to use the Swiss motorways you will have to buy a "vignette" which costs about 20 Euros (£15) and lasts for a year). Past Milan turn right to pick up the motorway towards Genoa and Aulla.

Aulla, the gateway to the Lunigiana, lies just off the motorway that connects La Spezia with Parma. We provide a schematic map and written directions to every property but you might also like to know that there is an excellent English language website run by the Italian authorities which allows you to plan your journeys on Italian autostrade. The site will allow you to specify the start and end points of your journey and will produce a map for you. It will show parking areas and service stations and calculate your journey distance. You will also be given details of any stretches subject to tolls, and toll charges for your journey are shown for different types of vehicle. You are even told what payment methods are available at each toll barrier on your journey. The site address is www2.autostrade.it

If you want to explore the magnificent hills and ancient villages do be aware that some of the mountain roads can be very winding and are often quite narrow, so we would suggest that if you are hiring a car go for a small one!

The following table shows distances from major European cities to Aulla which is the main entry point to our properties in Lunigiana. Distances are not necessarily the shortest, they are mostly motorway and have been chosen for ease of driving. Please note that all distances are in kilometres.

Distance from Aulla in kilometres.

Amsterdam 1287 Athens 2177 Belgrade 1091 Berlin 1242
Bern 558 Brussels 1110 Budapest 1122 Copenhagen 1656
Dublin 1912 Helsinki 2577 Lisbon 2165 London 1417
Madrid 1540 Oslo 2035 Paris 1013 Prague 1033
Sofia 1469 Stockholm 2309 Warsaw 1600 Vienna 924
Zagreb 697            
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